By Erik Letson, Aug 8th, 2020 (blog index)

I am working on creating a new subdomain on this website that will be focused on communal interaction. It will be located at, but (as of this writing), that link currently leads to an empty page. When the community site is up, I will make another blog post about it, and possibly also a video.

I've wanted to do something like this for a while. I feel like, as it currently stands, is mostly good for two things: its a place for me to talk at the internet without being encumbered by Orwellian social media, and its a place for me to share useful things with people. However, I also want there to be an interactive component to this site. I would like for anyone who wants to reach me personally to be able to do so quickly, and while anyone can email me already, more immediate, interactive methods might be good too. I would also like to try out several different community technologies and see how I like them.

For now, I am certain that will feature a dedicated IRC server. I am looking into other things to feature there as well, such as maybe an anonymous image board. I don't really want to have a forum at this domain, nor am I interested in things like Mastodon/Pleroma (though I will not rule out other Fediverse technologies). One thing that looks pretty cool is Drawpile. I set Drawpile up as a Docker image in the distant past, but it looks like it has come quite a ways since then, and I might be interested in checking it out again.

I'm not sure how many people read this blog, but if anyone out there has an idea for a cool/creative/innovative/whatever communications tool that I might want to investigate and possibly use on the site, please let me know. I only have two stipulations:

  1. The tool must be fully free software.
  2. The tool must not be too disk/bandwidth/resource heavy.

If you can think of anything, let me know and I would like to check it out! No guarantee that I will end up using it on here, but I would still like to learn about it. Stay tuned here for more info on this project. And I hope you will join the activities over at when they properly begin!

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